About PicMaría Celeste is a bilingual Video Editor from Puerto Rico. After a decade in New York City, studying filmmaking at NYU and doing post-production for a variety of video and virtual reality content, she moved to Los Angeles, CA to continue honing her craft.

In 2018 she went on tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z as part of their On The Run II content team, and worked closely with the Parkwood team to conform and deliver their joint music video Apesh*t which was shot at the Louvre in Paris.

Mari’s work includes Red Noise, a short film that she wrote, directed, and funded via Kickstarter. It premiered at the IPRHFF in 2014. She also co-edited a feature film called Not me, Murphy that debuted at MIX NYC 26, The 26th New York Queer Experimental Film Festival. Her thesis film at NYU, Natural Nonsense, was exhibited at art galleries in New York City and Puerto Rico, gaining the attention of CinéWomen for an interview published in their Biennial Edition in 2016.

Contact: Mari@PuertoCeleste.com

You can also find her on Linked In

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